PermaJet, Gloss 271 g

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Glossy Foto, bright white

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Gloss 271

Gloss 271 is an instant dry, high gloss inkjet paper with a bright white base. It prints with vibrant colours and crisp details, perfect for everyday family photos right through to commercial studio work. The surface reproduces beautiful tonal range and deep contrast, finished off with a smooth, sparkling gloss that will add life to any image. Gloss 271 is a great choice for bold, high-key photography and graphic work that needs to look sharp and punchy.

This resin coated digital photo paper has a 271gsm weight that will feed effortlessly through your printer whilst still having a high-quality feel to hand. Its UV protective, microporous supercoat adds a high level of resistance to moisture and fading, ensuring your photographs look fantastic for years to come.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Resin coated, microporous inkjet paper
  • Instant dry high-gloss surface
  • 271gsm bright white base
  • UV and water resistant
  • Prints with vivid colours and crisp detail, excellent for monochrome
  • Compatible with dye and pigment inks
  • Works with any inkjet printer
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