PermaJet, FB Distinction 320 g

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Glossy Foto, white, satin-finish

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FB Distinction 320

FB Distinction 320 is a fibre based inkjet paper with a subtle gloss surface and bright white base tint. Reminiscent of traditional darkroom materials, this baryta paper prints with exceptional detail, Dmax and tonal range. The gloss surface has a delicate sheen that elevates photographs and artwork.

Create bold, punchy prints that stand out on the bright white Alpha Cellulose base, adding life to colours and creating contrast. The deep blacks and wide tonal range make FB Distinction 320 a great choice for high contrast monochrome work, or colour images that would benefit from an enhanced base tint to really stand out and create impact.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Alpha Cellulose inkjet paper
  • Delicate gloss surface
  • 320gsm with a bright white base
  • Excellent for both monochrome and colour
  • Compatible with dye and pigment inks
  • Works with any inkjet printer
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