mediaJET PopArt Canvas 380g

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Canvas, polyester, matt

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PopArt Canvas

Heavy polyester canvas mat

Product description:

Clearly and regularly textured polyester-canvas for interior and Pop-Art-prints in high volume production. Highly tear-resistant polyester fabric in a 2:1 weave. Bright colors, large color space and outstanding blacks.

Platzhalter 2mm

Specific feature:

PopArt Canvas is a single side coated fabric made of 100% polyester, developed for intensively colored graphic applications on all common inkjet plotters. This product is particularly suitable for picture presentations of graphics, and art and photo reproductions. The clear and regular texture of the fabric is visible after printing. Due to the use of 100% polyester as opposed to cotton, the base material has no irregularities. The inkjet coating shows good water resistance. Due to the flexible coating PopArt Canvas can easily be stretched with minimal cracking. Pigmented or UV-inks are highly recommended for long term applications. PopArt Canvas can be sewn and used as a banner. Free hanging prints should be suitably anchored, otherwise curling on the edges could occur. Liquid lamination with our protective coatings extends the life of the prints.

Platzhalter 2mm


Processing and storage of PopArt Canvas should take place in a climate from 35 to 65% relative humidity and at a temperature from 10-30°C. It should be stored cool, dry, clean, and dustfree in its original packaging. Wear cotton gloves and handle carefully as the surface is susceptible to abrasion and/or fingerprints. Use only archival tapes and glues for mounting and framing as well as archive quality envelopes, folders, and boxes for storage. Turn OFF the printer’s automatic cutter! Before and

after the printing, feed approx. 50cm and cut manually.

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