Canson, Somerset ENHANCED VELVET (Radiant White), 330g

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Matt FineArt, soft grain, radiant white

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The Somerset® Enhanced Velvet has a fine grain texture which accentuates the detail in the final image, and the natural white base, which contains no optical brightening agents, adds vibrancy and depth to colour, excellent contrast, and very deep blacks. The proprietary inkjet coating guarantees superb image quality and longevity, which is essential for both limited and open edition digital fine art prints.

Somerset® is a traditional printmaking paper which has been used by artists for a range of time-honoured techniques such as intaglio, etching, stone lithography, silkscreen, relief printing and letterpress. The same traditional fine art paper is now available for photographers, printmakers, and artists alike to reproduce digitally their original artwork as a limited edition by using the Somerset® Enhanced digital fine art papers.


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